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Spartan Services employs SPARTAN (Securitization Portfolio Analysis and Review Tracking Network), a comprehensive web-enabled software platform that accommodates a variety of financial products within your company’s portfolio.

The origination system is highly flexible, completely scalable and supports any asset type, location, size, etc. The credit adjudication process allows us to view, manage and track credit information while our system tools can evaluate deals and make credit decisions based on your predefined conditions. Audit criteria and document generation can all be managed based on your needs while electronic interfaces to key business partners have been developed.

Utilizing Automation

This front end origination system is integrated with the portfolio administration system. Data is electronically transferred to our portfolio administration database after the transaction is audited and funded. This integration increases productivity and eliminates the potential for errors through data manipulation/duplication etc.

SPARTAN automates many core activities involved with securitization, including:

  • Warehousing
  • Tranche creation and funding
  • Legal documentation
  • Portfolio management and reporting
  • Ongoing risk monitoring
  • Central lease register to ensure accurate portfolio data
  • Compliance with relevant accounting pronouncements
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