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Spartan Uptime

SPARTAN is a sophisticated, flexible and scalable Web-based financial contract portfolio tracking and accounting network that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SPARTAN organizes, simplifies and increases productivity.

Features of Spartan

SPARTAN eliminates accounting and human errors related to storing and manipulating data in unstable spreadsheets. It also significantly reduces the time required to produce standard reports, journal entries and convert the basis of preparation of external financial statements. Other features include the following:

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Programmed to accommodate a range of accounting practices and “business rules” to process contracts.

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Built-in data verification and edit routines ensure all contracts are input correctly. It also helps cleanse financial contract portfolio data, including residual values, internal rates of return and carrying values.

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Updated monthly for scheduled repayments, lease dispositions, early terminations and defaults to ensure that all portfolio data is current and can be relied upon by lessors, their lenders and investors.

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